Monday, April 10, 2017


How many mentors does the average person have? I am not sure what that number is, but I can think of several that have directly affected my life in a way that I would classify them as a mentor.  Personally, I categorize my mentors based upon chapters of my life.  Recently, I spoke with a mentor of mine whom worked directly with me from the end of high school into my early college years (I call this my poor choices years).  I haven't spoken to Chris Davis in over 16 years.  However, I heard some news through the grapevine of some significant life changes, thus  I felt I had to call and chat.

I called one afternoon after hearing that he was stepping down from his current position and said, "Chris Davis, it's Brandon Marolf".  His response was that of great excitement.  After exchanging the initial pleasantries we talked for about 25 minutes.  You wouldn't have guessed it had been over 16 years since we last spoke.

Chris impacted my life in a big way.  As in the case with most good mentors...they don't know they are regarded as mentors or people of special character to us.  They go about doing what they do because it is who they are.  Sometime they learn of the impact they had, but often times they have no idea of the individualized appreciation we share for them.  Chris, (if you ever read this) I can not thank you enough for the impact you had on my life specifically.  My time with you during those years directly shaped me into the man I have become.  From our countless hours playing basketball on Sunday nights to the conversations that we shared in during the (poor choices years).  Our time together is something I still reflect back on today more then you would think.  No matter the next chapter that you decide to write in your life understand that you have changed the lives of countless many and I thank you!

I share this with all of you in the hope that you will not wait to thank someone you might consider a mentor.  Share with them the joy they brought to your life.  The more often we hear this the more inspired we become.  Recently, I had a student in her statement of faith speech in church publicly thank me for helping to inspire her and the selection of her verse.  She continued to thank me for the impact that I had on her life.  I'll be honest, I had no idea!  However, this was one of the most humbling experiences ever for me.

Thank those who have inspired you!

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